Emotional clearing is also known as emotional healing.

YouCanHealYourLifeWhen we need healing on a physical level, we are usually very aware of that need; that is, a headache, a fracture, muscle and joint stiffness, acne, etc. We know we can go to the medicine chest, a chiropractor, acupuncturist or MD for help and get some kind of relief if not making it physically disappear at least knowing that we can be helped.

On an emotional level we may or may not be aware of what is needed to be healed because we may not be completely aware of our feelings – feelings of anger and resentment of life, feeling rejected and abandoned because a loved one died when we weren’t ready for them to go, feeling afraid to stand up for oneself, even in seemingly non-threatening situations, or always doing for others instead of recognizing your own special needs at the time. Who helps us deal with those deep-seated feelings? You can go to an MD and you are given a prescription for some kind of antianxiety or antidepression medication and told you will be fine. Will you? Does it resolve your deep feelings? You could go to a psychologist and talk about it ad nauseum for weeks, months even years, but never really get to a point where you have healed or resolved the issues.

What if you knew something was wrong and you had someone who would not only talk to you about it but help you to resolve it and come out of the process feeling so much better about your self and seeing life as a bit more friendly in those particular situations? Well, emotional clearing work is the answer. Just as Muscle Response Testing can help to find which part of the body needs to be adjusted in my technique of Applied Kinesiology, and is used to determine which organ or organs are out of balance, we can find what emotions are really causing a problem and find out when you actually started feeling those feelings that have been with you.

As an example: I had a little boy around the age of 9, come in to see me because he was afraid of the dark – really afraid. His mother had worked with me and she suggested that he call me to see if we could help him deal with his fear of the dark. So when I muscle tested him we found that it started when he was a 7 month old baby. Through muscle testing and having him do some visualization that he was willing to do, we were able to see that his mother had a night light in his room since his birth and this particular night it had burned out, when he woke up everything was very dark and he was terrified (It is absolutely amazing how impressionable we are even as infants and even in utero). And that fear stayed with him until he decided he was tired of being that way. I helped him to see and feel that he was safe and that even though the room was dark there was still love in that room and in the house and there was nothing to be afraid of. At the end of the session he said “Good by” and left, then two months later he called me to tell me that he was no longer afraid of the dark. He said that he had had two night lights in every room of the house up until that time and he had just removed all of them.

This work can be done on any issue: not feeling important, feeling unloved, believing that no one likes you, believing that you are stupid, not being good enough, not deserving, you hate/dislike yourself, you hate being alive, but are too afraid to die, etc. You name an issue and it can be addressed and healed.

This work is easy to do by any one who really want s to be healed, and helped to have their emotional baggage cleared.

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